The projects for the commemoration of Marian Smoluchowski Year applying for financing from the Ministry of Science and Higher Education.

Two projects have been submitted to the contest organized by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education. The projects will apply for financing as science popularization undertakings.

  1. The project Pod przewodnią gwiazdą nauki: Marian Smoluchowski – w stulecie śmierci will be carried out by the Polish Physical Society and the Museum of the Jagiellonian University. The project will include exhibitions during the main celebration of Marian Smoluchowski Year in Kraków, exhibitions in the branches of the PPS, invited high-school exhibitions, the European Parliament in Strasbourg or Brussels, exhibition at the University of Vienna, and the University of Lviv. It is estimated that the exhibitions will be visited by ca. 10 000 visitors.
  2. The project related to a biographical documentary about Marian Smoluchowski’s life and studies, which will be made by the National Film School in Łódź. The documentary will be partly fictionalized and based on an original screenplay proposed by the director. The film will refer to selected publication, among others, to Marian Smoluchowski’s biography by prof. Armin Teske and other testimonials about the great Polish physicist’s life, scientific and public activity. The film will feature places related to Smoluchowski, including the Jagiellonian University, the University of Lviv (where the most important research on statistical physics was conducted), Vienna (Marian Smoluchowski’s school and academic education), selected laboratories where young Smoluchowski worked (Paris, Glasgow, and Berlin at Gabriel Lippmann’s, Lorda Kelvin’s oraz Emil Warburg’s). Two language versions are planned (Polish and English). The curators of the film will be prominent Polish filmmakers: Jacek Bławut and Andrzej Sapija, with the Italian Giovanni Pierangeli, a graduate of the University of Pisa (natural sciences) and current third-year student at the National Film School in Łódź, as the director. The screening of the film is planned in Polish academic centers, at the University of Vienna, and the University of Lviv. Moreover, the film will be offered to Polish and foreign broadcast networks, as well as national physical societies collaborating with the PPS in: the USA, Belarus, China, the Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Japan, Germany, Russia, and Italy. The film will be also sent to festivals and contests of documentaries.