Konwersatorium Fizyczne Oddziału Krakowskiego PTF 26.01.2023

Najbliższe Konwersatorium Fizyczne OK PTF odbędzie się w dniu 26 stycznia 2023 r. o godz. 16:15, w sali A-1-06 Wydziału WFAIS, na III Kampusie UJ, ul. Łojasiewicza 11, 30-348 Kraków.
Dr Marco Delmastro (LAPP, Annecy, Francja) wygłosi referat: „Ten years with the Higgs boson (and the next ten years)”.

2022 has marked the tenth anniversary of the discovery of the Higgs boson, announced on 4 July 2012 by the ATLAS and CMS collaborations at CERN in Geneva. The announcement of the discovery ten years ago, although widely awaited by the international scientific community, represented a real turning point in elementary particle physics and in the understanding of the fundamental mechanisms that govern our universe. Why is the Higgs boson not simply “another particle”, but represents something much more fundamental? What have we learned about the Higgs boson in ten years, and what remains to be done? The seminar will try to answer these questions, presenting an overview of the current understanding of the Higgs sector of the Standard Model, and proposing a roadmap for the measurements to come at the future runs of the LHC.

Przed referatem (15.45) zapraszamy na kawę.